The amazing Café Bar ambiance of Pristina Kosovo

You will not run out of Café Bar and Coffee options in Pristina, Kosovo!

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When I looked at a map of Europe, the travel bug and desire to experience new places got the better of me. I read about the great coffee-drinking culture in Kosovo, and my next travel plan started to roll into motion.

I Pack Go Travel to Kosovo!

The information was spot-on and correct, and I was not disappointed when I got to Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo.

Coffee Bars, or Café Bars as they are referred to, are just everywhere in Pristina, Kosovo.

Subsequent Post Update

I thank the venues mentioned for the “thank you coffee” I received after they became aware of the publication of my posts!

Coffee wisdom!

This nation’s wisdom about the role that coffee plays in the daily lives of society is a contributing factor to the success of the Café Bars in Pristina.

The coffee quote at Dada Restaurant in Pristina, Kosovo. I know where the quote is located in the Restaurant – can you find it?

A fairy-tale experience!

Walking the streets at night to discover your favourite Café Bar will by itself be a fairytale experience!

The Café Bars are all unique in their own right, and you are bound to find one or more that will fit into your taste space – excuse the pun!

The decor and seating on the patios of venues are indicative that you are in for a unique coffee experience!

If the Coffee Lover and Travel Bug in you are already shouting “Let’s Go to Pristina!”, I would suggest that you establish whether you actually need a visa to visit the country.

Bi-lateral visa agreements may exist between Kosovo and your home country, that could potentially allow for visa-free entry, subject to you having a valid passport, and the ultimate approval of the border police at your point of entry.

Numerous websites will provide information if you type the search terms “[Your country name] visa-free travel”. Thereafter confirm the information with the Kosovo Embassy and/or Consulate in your home country before travelling. Hope to see you having coffee in Pristina soon!

Choose your Ambience

Some Café Bars are Lounge Bars too! Irrespective of whether they serve only coffee or more, the decor never failed to amaze me!

Coffee with a vibe at Melly’s

The first Café / Lounge Bar that I walked into was Melly’s, and the visual impact thereof was just stunning! My blog post Coffee with a vibe in Pristina Kosovo has more detail.

Cafè de l’ame in Xhambazt, Pristina

Another favourite coffee spot of mine was Cafè de l’ame in Xhambazt, close to the Royal Mall in Pristina. Those of you who love the occasional Hot Chocolate over and above your coffee, be warned, Hot Chocolate here was more like melted chocolate topped with cream, and was just about addictive!

Arpa Lounge Bar provided the stimulus for innovation and has a catchy “But first coffee” slogan!

I am an innovation junkie, and the colourful and deliberate mismatched chairs of Arpa Lounge Bar created a stimulus for thoughts to flow naturally, fueled by the aroma of my favourite brew! Add to that a big-screen TV portraying amazing travel destinations, and I also experienced coffee with a travel wish of note!

Certified Organic Coffee

We have delightful news for our US Connoisseur Coffee Lovers who may not be able to travel and experience Kosovo’s Coffee Culture first-hand. Nectar of Life Coffee’s wide variety of coffee and monthly coffee club offers are sold and shipped to your door within the US. They will have you brewing your favourite cup in no time! Curious … YES … I thought you would be! In any event, looking at a catalogue and product range is FREE and if you decide to buy, it can only lead to a Sensational Coffee Experience … That’s my view on it!

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The next venue, My Café, was located close to where I resided during my second month in Pristina. It was an uncluttered and stylish venue, with lots of natural daytime light that energised you immediately for the rest of your day.

My Café – uncluttered, stylish and filled with energy! My favourite place to sit and work!

My Café was also my favourite place to sit and work. Their seating arrangement was of such a nature that you could sit with your back to the wall, and the content of your work remained confidential. I was also not the only person who enjoyed working for hours at their coffee tables! Almost like an unofficial co-working space but with a Café Bar theme. Needless to say, there were lots of coffee, friendly staff and equally friendly patrons that made this a great venue!

All the restaurants that I frequented, welcomed Coffee Lovers!

A cheese omelette and Americano at Dada Restaurant was a perfect start of the day for me!

You can read more in my blog post Two of my favourite restaurants in Pristina Kosovo

Compliment your coffee at Toks Restaurant with the best cheesecake in the world – it’s just an undisputable fact as far as I am concerned!

Plug points and Wi-Fi

All Café / Lounge Bars and restaurants I had been to had plug points to charge phones and laptops.

Remote workers will find it easy to catch up on work and emails!

Wi-Fi was not openly advertised but when I switched my device’s Wi-Fi setting to “on” I noticed that Wi-Fi was available. All you had to do was ask for the password. I always recommend the use of a VPN when making use of publicly available Wi-Fi, irrespective of where you may find yourself in the world.

An amazing city with a great coffee drinking culture

You will not have enough time to visit all the Café Bar venues in Pristina within the time constraints of a tourist visa, and you will be hard-pressed to even do so within the time frame of a temporary residence visa. That’s just how many venues there are! Henceforth my opening caption is “You will not run out of Café Bar and Coffee options in Pristina, Kosovo”.

The Café / Lounge Bars in Xhambazt, Pristina

Whether you are a Coffee Lover, Travel Lover, Remote Worker, Digital Nomad or just looking for a different experience, Kosovo and the amazing City of Pristina, with its friendly people is a destination you should consider!

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And if you live in the US, don’t forget the Coffee either!