Two of my favourite restaurants in Pristina Kosovo

Pristina in Kosovo is a city that is rich in Café / Lounge Bars and Restaurants.

I am not remunerated, incentivised or influenced by any individual and/or third party to write and publish this blog post. Opinions and views expressed are my own. In order to comply with Privacy Laws, photos of venues do not reflect any patrons.

One’s preference for restaurants may be subjective and based on the area that you live in, your personal preference for style, ambience, and type of food served.

I resided in the area of the Royal Mall in Pristina and accordingly the bulk of my exposure related to this area.

Two of my favourite restaurants in this area of Pristina had some similar characteristics and on the flip side of the coin different appearances and ambience.

The purpose of this blog post was not to rate the restaurants against each other – I liked them both equally as much.

The aspects that were similar:

📌 great food;

📌 friendly, efficient male and female staff. The staff do speak English and I found that at both venues they had an amazing rapport with their patrons;

📌 tremendously popular venues with locals;

📌 awesome and stylish decor;

📌 smoking and non-smoking sections; and

📌 outer terrace areas for warmer days.

The aspects that were different:

📌 the one featured a dark interior decorating theme whereas the other featured a light theme;

📌 the one served alcohol too whereas the other didn’t;

📌 one had a printed menu whereas the other had a menu that was available when you scanned a bar code with your phone; and

📌 one was open 7 days a week whereas the other was closed on Sunday.

Below are images that portray views and a story of some of my experiences (restaurants featured in alphabetical order):


Key words on Google Maps: “Dada Prishtina”

The small outer terrace created a cosy entrance atmosphere. The entrance with its shelf, books and ornaments made you feel at home instantly.

The dark theme interior was classy. The purple roof lighting created an ambience of its own and emphasised the wood-like stained concrete roof structure.

The interior was further complimented by plants, beautiful light fittings, unique and fascinating artwork and an array of musical instruments.

The coffee was always great. Compliments to the Barista who started my day with a perfect brew!

Some of my favourite meals on their menu were the steak sandwich and their Mixed and Dada pizzas. The spicy sauce that was served separately with their pizza is a must as far as I am concerned.

As you leave the piano, guitars and saxophone will remind you not to stay away too long and re-visit this venue soon!


Key words on Google Maps: “Toks Coffee Food Pristina”

The light and bright features of Toks created an energetic atmosphere. The multiple moon-like light fittings and plants simulated an outer space visual impact that continuously drew my attention at a subconscious level.

The seating area towards the back featured beautiful rock-like murals that fascinated patrons, and I witnessed many photos being taken against it as a background.

The layout of the non-smoking area was of such a nature that the tables could easily be rearranged to facilitate a large group of people. I witnessed many celebratory meals being catered in this style.

One of my favourite items on the Toks menu was their Toks Burger, a monster-size burger and yummy-liscious.

Their greek salad portion was huge and delicious and was one of my favourites when I was in the mood for a super healthy meal.

Their cheesecake was the best I experienced in my worldly travels.

Don’t miss out!

If you are in Pristina, experience both venues awesome vibe and delicious food. You will not be disappointed.

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